Saturday, 28 September 2013

Book Review - The Matriarch by Kevin A. Ranson

ISBN: 061580344X
Author: Kevin A. Ranson
Publisher: WTF Books

This book is available on Amazon.

The Matriarch is a story about a young woman who becomes a vampire, is compelled to kill her boyfriend, then tries to piece together her foggy memory. Reading the synopsis of this book opened my eyes to the kind of vengeful, nasty and purely mean vamps in Kevin's world of The Matriarch. Evil ancient Vampires out for revenge and innocent human lives are caught in the cross fire. As with most Vampish stories, there is blood - lots of blood, gore and violence. Kevin has a way of vividly describing his scenes, so the reader becomes part of the story, and is taken along for the ride. The characters seem believable, and could pass as your neighbour living ordinary lives.

I enjoyed reading this story and hope you will too. Come check out the book trailer here:

The Matriarch is a compelling tale, filled with thrilling plots, twists and turns. I rate this book a four and a half star must read.

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